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On the UK Video Gaming Chart, FIFA 14 appears quantity one particular by outperforming Elder Scrolls On line

The Elder Scrolls Online of Bethesda begins taking its chart life at quantity two. FIFA 14 has beaten ESO and comes out in the pinnacle as reported by Chart-Track. Elder Scrolls Online released for Pc only with Xbox One particular and PS4 edition to adhere to. It can be provided that numerous gamers are to opt to buy digitally a quantity two location and it doesn’t look as well poor. Creating the top FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, the players can fut 14 coins on the net. FIFA 14 does have an achievement on the quantity one particular position for eleven weeks. There’s a feat that only managed by the 4 other titles.

You can find one of the most authentic football games more than the Android Smartphones as well as the tablets. The gamers can feel the excitement of each pass, shot and tackling with all the new touching controls. Additionally, reside each moment of actual-moment football mastery with EA Sports football club match day. The gamers can figure out FIFA 14 there. The fifa 14 ut coins are available on-line now as the players can discover the ideal players at the same time as products using the coins even though developing their very best FIFA 14 Ultimate Group.

This game introduces the superior graphics and it can be packed with a lot of actual football leagues, teams and also the players. The players could make certain that the players do have a minimum of 1.35 GB in the absolutely free space onto the device. Whilst considering thirty-three leagues, you’ll find greater than 600 licensed teams. And you’ll find greater than sixty thousand players. It begins ranging from English Premier League to German Bundesliga and La Liga is also integrated. The fut 14 coins are also accessible online. The gamers ought to march towards the glory within the thirty-four authentic stadiums. Furthermore, it is for the very first time more than the mobile because it is listen for the commentaries in English, Spanish, German, Italian and French. The fifa14 coins on the web tends to make the player trade the players in FIFA 14. Downloading the commentaries, the players must get into the Personalize menu. Hence, the player wants to click the AUDIO tile for the possibilities.

Introducing the Match Day Madness

The football club match day of EA Sports tends to make the players comply with the heartbeat of your preferred club of the player. The playing from the actual-world fixtures is in the leading leagues. Every injury suspension along with the alteration in group preparation is mirrored in-game. When the players make the Ultimate Group, the player demands to get. Or the players purchase or sell the FIFA players to make the imaginary group on the player. Acquire Fifa 14 Coins On line. The players can select the playing fashion, preparation, kits and much more. The players must take aspect inside the competitors to obtain the coins. Then, they commit them on the new players in conjunction with the things to develop the team. The players can play totally free or buy the packs. The selections are endless. The introduction of new touch controlling indicates that it is actually to point for moving the players about the playground. It truly is to tap for passing or swipe for shooting. The fifa14 coins are accessible on the net now. Read More…

Fifa’s Worst Nightmare

Fifa’s Worst Nightmare

Sunday’s World Cup second round matches could hardly have panned out worse for the game’s governing body Fifa.

In Bloemfontein Frank Lampard’s ‘goal’ was ruled out for England despite clearly crossing the line, while in Johannesburg Argentina’s Carlos Tevez wasyards offside when scoring his first goal. The referee and linesman knew this, but could not change their decision.

England, who were thumped 4 1 by Germany, were only trailing 2 1 when Lampard’s long range shot beat Manuel Neuer and crossed the line by several centimeters. Linesman Mauricio Espinosa inexplicably ruled that the ball had not crossed the line, and England eventually crumbled. The Three Lions deserved to lose this match after an inept defensive display, but had Lampard’s goal been given, the whole complexion of the encounter would have changed.

Fifa have so far stubbornly refused to rely on video technology, even a simple camera on the goal line that resolves such situations in seconds. The calls only get louder, but while Fifa and its president Sepp Blatter are apparently open tothe future use of videoon the goal line, they have not been satisfied with the accuracy ofany of the technology put in front of them.

Things were to get even worse later on in the day during Argentina’s 3 1 win over Mexico.

The score was 0 0 when Lionel Messi’s goalbound shot was headed home by Tevez. The Manchester City forward was blatantly in an offside position and this was clear for all to see as the goal was replayed inside the ground. So we had the bizarre scenario of the referee and linesman both seeing from the replay that they had made a clear mistake, but unable to do anything about it. The use of video replays is forbidden by Fifa and this was the result: a goal being given that everyone in the stadium knew was offside.

(1) Karla says:FIFA is such a corrupted organization. The president looks like a rapist and should be scared for his life. All FIFA is doing is making people turn away from football and hate the sport because of so much bureaucracy. I signed up into FIFA website and they do not recognize any of the mistakes they do. There is also a place where you can leave comments, and right now is not working, how convenient uh? I think all the team in the round of 16 should turn their back to FIFA next world cup. See if they still have one with all of those teams missing. BASTARDS!!!! Mistakes like that cannot be allowed in a worldwide tournament. Those referees and the president of FIFA should be watching their back for the rests of their lives.

FIFA officials meet to discuss

FIFA officials meet to discuss

FIFA officials began the first of two meetings in Zurich today to discuss the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. FIFA’s president Sepp Blatter is pushing for a switch from the summer to the winter months so that the tournament dates avoid the extreme heat in the small desert nation.

Traditionally speaking, the World Cup tournament is held from June to July. This schedule is preferential to European leagues that feature the best players from all corners of the globe with their down time occurring in the summer months. With temperatures reaching as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees Celsius) in the month of June, Qatar’s heat poses a safety hazard for players and spectators. Blatter wants to consult with a wide range of officials before an official change is made.

Blatter stated in August that he would be “very much surprised” if the board did not reject the idea of conducting the tournament in the Qatari summer. He has hinted at the possibility of starting the tournament in November 2022.

The FIFA board will not only discuss the tournament schedule, they are also examining the human rights of the migrant workers involved in building the tournament’s infrastructure. An estimated 1.2 million foreign workers will be involved in building stadiums, public transportation and hotels throughout Qatar in the lead up to the tournament and there have been allegations of abuse.

What small things would you like to see included in FIFA 14

What small things would you like to see included in FIFA 14

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7) Give me something to do with the money I earn, PES has a fantastic Be a Player mode.

8) I would like some way of being able to train with my team etc.

9) Captaincy should mean more, at the moment you can even assign captaincy to a player, you have to assign it to a position.

10) Give me the option to request to take a penalty or free kick.

I would also like to be able to put on foreign commentary, it would be great to have Brazilian commentary while I playing in the Brazilian League etc.

Be able to name custom tactics and formations. Why are we still stuck with Custom Tactic 234?

After a kick off theres a graphic at the bottom. It takes too long to go away and often I play the that way and can see what going on. Don block the pitch with graphics during gameplay please.

More statistics. You are already recording my win/loss record but please let me filter for tournament, seasons and friendlies. More detailed stats for FUT players, until I sell them of course. And let me see it online. You show me the stats after each match. Sace that shit and let me search it. Let me see how I progress. I want to know how many goals I let in when I play 4 4 2 in the second division.

Let me make custom tactics and formations on a web app. Just like you let me make teams in the Creation Centre.

Get rid og the racap at the end of a match. Make it voluntary whether I want to sit through it, not up to my opponent. I want to get started on a new game. Having played a match with 4 or more goals that shit takes forever. Also rage.

Let me search for particular formations, fitness card, managers and so on in FUT. Shuffling throught the hell that is consumables on the market is a chore.

I would love for money to actually mean something. Specifically, I would like to able to buy stats, or equipment that would make me better (shoes increase sprint speed or something). I want more personal things. For instance, I would be able to do commercials, have interviews, get a girlfriend, spend my free time doing things (training, relaxing, partying), then have these events in my personal life effect the way I perform. Like morale, fitness, etc. Also, there should be a popularity factor with the fans.

For manager mode, I want all the same things as above, but also I want more options to move away to a new club. I been with Marseilles for 4 years and I got one shitty offer from Milan. I want to be able to move when I want and not get fucked.

In manager mode, I would love there to be control over training. If you could determine how much time is spent on what during the week, then have those things effect how your team performs on MatchDay.